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Jay Asooli
Radical Relationship Coach and Heartbreak Recovery Guide

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As your Trauma Informed Dating Plus Relationship Coach and Heartbreak Recovery Guide, I support you in your quest for fulfilling, nourishing relationships. Whether you're recovering from a Breakup or seeking to date with confidence and ease, I will provide you with one-on-one, intuitive, oppression and trauma aware, coaching to meet these goals. Throughout this work, we will be setting solid foundations for your long term relationship success.


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Foggy Waters

Radical Relationship Success: A Conscious Path to Dating and Flourishing Relationships

You deserve bliss.

Radical Relationship Success is a deeply supportive ONE  on ONE relationship coaching program for women and femmes.


In all my services, tender dedication is offered to fellow BIWOC, plus size, LGBTQIA+, chronically ill and multiply marginalized folks. 

In this program, I will demystify dating, attraction and long term relationship success for you, using the latest advancements in the science of love and trust.


We will work to expand your intuition through play and embodied awareness. This will enhance your ability to objectively evaluate potential partners and reclaim your own core needs, beliefs and desires. 


Unlocking your intuition is one of the key goals of this program. 

We will work to strengthen your boundary setting skills, distinguish chemistry from intimacy (a life saving awareness that will save you years of heartache), tend to, befriend and transform intimacy fears into loving allies. We will also soften the self-judgment and self-doubt that keep us from experiencing love as our full, real, soft, fierce selves. ​

Whether you struggle with getting too attached too soon or with avoiding intimacy through distancing and judgment (of self and others), we will work to help you gain the the skills and self-acceptance needed to release these patterns.   You will, instead, form and implement new ones that will serve you now and for years to come.


I will work with you, hands on, through the sometimes  murky dating landscape, with future fakers, emotionally unavailable men/people, ghosters who don't stay gone, old flames that keep reigniting, men who give mixed messages and hot/ cold dates that leave you triggered and confused, intense texting situations that fizzle out unexpectedly, dead-end situationships disguised as love, dates that don't pan out, the ever rampant toxic masculinity and whatever else comes up. 


Here, I will also work with you on determining a safe and healthy dating timeline, so your dating and relationships progress at the right pace. We'll do some fun exploratory work on what exactly builds and sustains attraction  (it isn't what the binarist relationship coaching industry tells you it is). 


And through our work together, you will find yourself quickly sidestepping  draining scenarios and individuals so you can keep your energy up and move towards more nourishing situations and prospects.


This alone will bring you profound ease and joy, in an often stressful bewildering process, which is even more challenging for the multiply marginalized. 


My intention is to make enjoyable, skillful dating and healthy love accessible to you.


I do this by supporting you with non-judgmental feedback, gently inquisitive queries, honest grounded guidance, appropriate psycho-education and my 15 year long experience with Buddhist and Yogic healing paths. 

In addition to this, throughout our time together, we will learn to notice the interplay between our histories of oppression and how they impact our ability to experience love.

I will support you in unlearning the painful stories that have been forced upon our psyches and bodies, so we can replace them with new narratives and ways of being that allow us to live and love bravely. ​

In short, I will coach you and help you through the following steps:


  1. developing confidence and intuitive dating skills with customized support  that makes the whole process way less painful and way more accessible (even fun!) This customized support begins with your very own Dating Success Blueprint, which also includes online as well as offline dating strategies for finding highly compatible matches without wasting time or energy.

  2.  noticing how internalized misogyny, racism, fatphobia, ageism and other forms of oppression influence your dating choices and relationship history, so we can co-create strategies to heal this wounding and restore you to  peace, deep seated self-love and nurture. this will transform the quality of your dating experiences and your future relationships, so you can own your voice, get your needs met for life, and be your authentic self, without shame and fear. 

  3.  helping you turn towards, compassionately deconstruct and release intimacy fears (including abandonment fears with which I have years of personal experience), so you can finally get "unstuck" and make progress in love, towards healthy, secure, satisfying relationships.

    you will be supported in this with trauma informed  gentle embodiment practices arising from Buddhist and Yogic healing modalities, so you develop a deeply secure sense of self and stop settling for less or compromising on your joy, pleasure and needs. 


  4.  helping you grow in the discernment skills ( decolonial intuition building and psycho-education),  compassionate self-awareness (what I call heart befriending), as well as boundary setting and communication skills needed to break repetitive unhealthy cycles, find the love you deserve and experience long term relationship success.

  5. gently expanding your dating and relationship skillset, capacity and inner resources to evaluate for and develop trust , healthy intimacy, attunement, commitment, conflict repair and co-creating the type of authentic connection (founded in knowing and befriending each other) that is considered the glue of lasting love by Dr. John and Julia Gottman whose research on successful long term relationships and marriages spans over four decades.   

    this part of my signature framework, woven throughout my coaching, elevates you far far above just dating to attract a partner or getting engaged or getting a ring. 

    it, in fact, gives you the tools  to  skillfully navigate the complexity and beauty of relationships even after the honeymoon period is over. 


  6.  supporting you every step of the way (from dating profile makeovers to improving texting communication to sidestepping ghosters and toxic matches to knowing when/how best to discuss exclusivity or commitment) in implementing your Dating Success Blueprint built with long term relationship success in mind.

    This helps you quickly evaluate best fit matches and have fun getting to know people who are highly compatible and very much on your wavelength with shared values, goals and visions, so you never again settle for less,  so you know how to build trust and receive healthy commitment, wisely and skillfully navigate conflict, and set the groundwork  for a  fulfilling, satisfying, loving and lasting relationship. 


The package includes:

1) FOUR, once a week, 60 minute sessions per month  

2) Unlimited Email support (in my office hours 10 am - 7 pm PST Monday - Friday; limited availability on weekends, Sundays are off)

3) Worksheets, Journal prompts, Narrative rewriting/story telling prompts, Trauma informed Mindfulness and Embodiment practices, customized to your specific requirements.

4) Bonuses valued at over $19,000: My prices are going up starting  in January 2022, commensurate with the results my programs have been getting and the additional expertise gained through my continued coaching education this year.

If you sign up for my VIP 1:1 coaching at the heavily discounted rate I am offering this holiday season 2021, you will receive access to my  pilot live group coaching program ($5700 value) for FREE, a 70% discount  on the final version of the 7 week live group program with 6 months of group coaching ($12000 value for the original price and $3600 value after discount), the opportunity to receive 1:1 coaching in my Relationship Success Program for married/partnered (monogamous or polyam and however you define commitment) women/femmes at my current rate  even if you start next year (savings: $12000).


I tailor my material to individual clients. The same material isn't recycled and shared with everyone. 


This is, in every way, a highly customized, firmly supportive, and spiritually rich, one on one coaching program.



For information on how to work with me and receive one on one guidance on your situation, book a call with me here:

Ask me about my VIP packages and special pricing at

Note 1: This program is open to women, femmes and nonbinary folks from all backgrounds.

Note 2: If you are looking to customize this program to dating after breakups or divorce, with elements of my heartbreak recovery work,  let me know in your booking. And we can discuss how best I can help you. 
Note 3: 
My research based signature 6 Step framework is a highly supportive tool I use, and it is fully customizable to where you are in your journey and what your visions, challenges, gifts and goals are with coaching. 

It can also be adapted to your personal learning style, whether it is more structured or more flexible. 

I have a fairly versatile approach using just the type of structure and fluidity needed to help you get the results you seek. I believe in making the most of practical actionable steps, as well as psychospiritual tools like ancestral healing work, meditations, journaling and value-centered affirmations (the types that actually work) as needed.